Author: Aegyo Kawaii
Location: Philippines
Biography: Freelancer. Amateur violinist. Former nurse. Only child (but am an adult now, I won’t tell you my age). Diagnosed with ADHD and autistic-like symptoms. Advocates neurodiversity, including awareness, acceptance, equality, and justice. No bullies here.

3 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Hi, may I personally contact you? I live in Manila and looking for other girls on the spectrum with ADHD traits as it’s a lonely life to live.


    • Hello, you may contact me if you want to talk to someone, I’m in the United States (where I think there’s slightly more acceptance) and a (mostly gay) guy with ADHD with broader autism phenotype (barely on the spectrum/I have genes where my siblings and parents have autism but I don’t. However, I have some traits like overly logical, overly genuine etc) I am studying psychology in college. My email is my username


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